Moe Suzuki

Moe Suzuki Graduate Project

Bachelor of Design Hand dying High end fashion Womenswear Imagined futures Narrative Surface Manipulation


Design work (instagram): moe.suzukidesign

The body of work Severed Souls, embodies the narrative of a woman troubled by her postmodern anxieties that manifest in an escapist fever dream where her past, present and imagined future-self reveal themselves.

Her fever dream is a metaphor for the escapist activities played out on the internet and through partying; activities of today’s youth, a distraction from the worries of both the present and the future.

The name Severed Souls reflects the disconnect we can sometimes have with ourselves; in moments when our mind and body diverges we find ways to be less present, avoiding immediate issues.

This collection of work converges the current topic of postmodern anxieties and a period in time that faced similar issues - gothic literature published during the Victorian era reflected their realties and at the same time, provided an escape from them.

Working methods include draping, experimental pattern cutting and experimental surface texture.