Junhee Lee

Monthly Bread

Bachelor of Design Publication Typography Health and wellbeing

A story shared to guide those in need.

Growing up as part of a Korean, Christian community there was certain moments when I felt troubled and confused of the identities I had. Those moments hit me hard when I was a youth, and I personally felt that it took me some time to develop in a religious way. Looking at some youths around my community I felt the needs and the desire to help those people in trouble by sharing stories that I have experienced and suggest certain topics to consider.

In this project, the format of daily verses that a lot of churches use as a guide for daily meditation was used in a similar form to provide certain topics to consider for youth, accompanied by my personal experience which is divided into sections of months.

The visuals in this project were an exploration of simplistic and bold typography, with an attempt to provide an ease of read to the bible verses used in the project and the visual representation to it, alongside with the intentions to draw attention aesthetically.

Although this project was focused towards youth in particular, the underlying message of giving an ease to read the bible in a graphical way is meant for every age, race, gender and for the people who are in unstable religious status.