Nadine Carter

Transformation and Entropy

Bachelor of Visual Arts Mixed Media Moving Image Material Thinking Temporary Art Practices
Weathered, installation of fabric and dried paper pulp, 8m x 1.5m, November 2021
AD21 Award
Adobe Creative Award
For Creative use of Software

An exploration of ephemerality, time, and change.

Orientated by an interest in entropy, ephemerality, and time, my art practice produces videos and installation objects that harbour impermanence and a capacity for change. This changeability manifests itself as artworks in which past transformations, or the potential for future transformation, is core to their current physical form. Achieved through a material instability, emphasis on process, and relationship to entropy, these transformations frame the entropic decline of structure as intrinsic to the passing of time and the inevitability of decay. These explorations are informed by research into different perceptions and notions of time, process-central practices, and artists engaging in ephemeral or entropic themes. This research has enabled a clarification of my making, introducing an element of cyclicality and regeneration that articulates a symbiosis of creation and decay within my practice. This symbiosis is reflected in my handmade paper products, in the utilisation of recycled materials and constructive relationship with natural processes. It also occurs in my video works through the depiction and manipulation of time and deteriorating surfaces. As these breakdowns of structure, material and image feed into the birth of new work, they capture the essence of these transformations in acknowledging the creative potential of impermanence and ephemerality.