Madalena Refiti

A Refracted Dream-like State

Bachelor of Design Architectural Design Interior Design Film Public
AD21 Award
Toi Māia Award
For cultural contribution to mātauranga Māori and indigenous knowledge

My project explored the journey from an urban ordinariness to a refracted dream-like state. This came from my interpretation of the cinematic focus of the brief Cinematic Space - a coexistence of two worlds: the real world and the cinematic world. The two worlds feel separated by a filter, where the transference between both worlds is not bodily, but in the mind. The design desires the experience of bodily and mental transference, creating an alternate reality based on my portrayal of cinematic space.

Acoustic Glass Arcade was intended as a community area / performance venue, designed for the public to take on this ‘otherworldly’ experience, centred in the urban environment of Fort Lane.

My design arrived from experimentation and iterative processes through laser cutting / etching ceramic tiles and modelling my concept with digital and physical practices. In the developing stages, I conceived the initial cinematic device as an alternative lens. This viewpoint was maintained throughout the design process. Starting from the dark concrete reality of Fort Lane, an alternate reality is promised in a cloud-like overhead structure. The experience of looking upward  through the void is similar to looking through the original cinematic device. The higher the user ascends in the structure, the more refracted the sensory experience becomes  through sound, light and touch.