Ruby Zanchi-Mabey

Ninkasi Craft Beer

Bachelor of Design Packaging Diversity

Ninkasi Craft Beer

A beer made by women for women

Ninkasi - Goddess of beer, is an alternative craft beer created for the female beer drinker who does not want to be “one of the lads”.

We accomplished this through neutral design colours, soft curved edges and hints of gold luster to bring out the story of Ninkasi the Goddess of beer. Ninkasi currently has two ranges launched, one is the original line and the second is a special edition which features our original flavours with an added twist and new packaging.

This craft beer is a light beer with sour fruit undertones. Our goal for creating a light beer was to make the female drinker feel less bloated whilst consuming. Ninkasi’s goal is to breakdown the stigma around beer being a male drink and make the female consumer feel confident and happy when choosing a beer off the supermarket shelf or local brewery menu. Beer has historically always been seen as a masculine drink and we want to change this.