Darlene Hassencamp


Bachelor of Design 2D animation Animatic Character Animation Environmental Storytelling Narrative

The animated short “Novaturient” explores character identification through the use of colour theory for storytelling. The aim was to take these two ideas and use them together to create a compelling story that viewers can identify themselves with, while also making an aesthetically pleasing and symbolic colour palette for the overall short. The animation was inspired by other sources such as the films "Persepolis" and "Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse", as well as " The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling" by Patti Bellantoni.

My capstone project “Novaturient” follows the story of two characters, Monti and Nemphan, who grow as individuals as they travel through foreign lands. The main issues that are brought up in this story are the oppression Monti experiences and the lack of awareness Nemphan has towards those who are oppressed. Nemphan undergoes a considerable amount of character growth as he embraces the budding friendship between Monti and himself.