Carol Chen


Bachelor of Design Human Centred Design Interaction Prototype User-centred

Your personal space for introspection

Pause, a highly customizable tool that aims to encourage students to actively seek inner insights and clarity through self-introspection and systematic thinking. It introduces an introspection framework for any depth of self-analysis, proposes four interconnected spectrums to help students understand how they act, think, how they are impacted by the external world and their subconscious selves.

Students can express their ideas freely through video recording, voice recording, drawing, pictures, and texts, then match their ideas to one of the four spectrums. Following the framework, they can expand on their ideas to form a map of connection. By doing this, students train their minds for more width and depth. They will gradually learn to dig deeper into problems and zoom out for the bigger picture, eventually, gain more inner clarity. Following the introspection process, students can generate effective strategies and methods for better self-growth.