Li Ming Zhao

Protocol Dreamwalker

Bachelor of Design 3D animation Action Game Anime Character Animation Game Design Indie Game Stylised Unity Engine Play
Chinese-inspired walkway leading up to the boss's domain
AD21 Award
Game Design Team Project Award
For outstanding achievement in a Game Design team project


Our project, Protocol Dreamwalker, is a 3D hack-and-slash video game with a focus on combat. Stylistically, we had experimented with the implementation of a personalised 2D style into the 3D game. In this game, we follow "Flower", who is a wandering warrior who travels far and wide in the world of mushin. She encounters a grand temple on top of a hill, And seeks to unravel the mysteries within it. Take control of a wandering warrior as she battles against a foe laid rest deep within the depths of a mysterious temple. Will you help her triumph or will she ultimately meet her end In an alien world?

This project was created by Grace Lu, Tina Ma and myself.

Our intent for the game is to present a tactile hack and slash game experience for the player. The game is designed based upon the interactions between the player and the game world, with a push and pull mechanic that has the player skillfully dodging and attacking enemies as they become vulnerable in cyclic stages. The game heavily based on hack and slash games such as Nier Automata and Genshin impact, with the art style inspired by stylised anime look with a blend of flat shading. The project was a collaboration between a modeler/rigger, animator and game designer and was an experiment in how three people with different but intersecting roles can work with each other as a team to create something that is nice play and good to look at.

My role as game designer, was to design and code the various mechanics present in the game. The systems that I had to make were essential to my own capstone research subject: the subject of creating controllable systems that govern both enemies and players alike.