Jan Neang

Puppeteer ~ The Fate That Lies ~

Bachelor of Design Anime Game Design Graphic Novel Interactive Fiction Narrative Play


When you have only a few days to live, how will you spend it? An unfortunate soul has been informed that they only have five days to live and that the player has all the control. How will YOU play out this character life? How will you write their story? Become the PUPPETEER for the puppet of misfortune.


This game plays on the idea of intertwining and changing branches in the story. When you only have a few days left to live, what do you plan to do? Puppeteer is a visual novel which follows the life of an unfortunate soul called <REDACTED>. Their life isn't so exciting or life-changing but it was their peaceful abode. When they were informed of their doom by the mischievous Eris, they were at a cross-road on what to do. Fortunately, Eris had promised a friend to help with all the decisions making...and that friend just so happened to be you, the PLAYER. What happens now is all in the hands of the player. Will <REDACTED>  live a peaceful life or will their new friend make their remaining days hell?


My project is a visual novel which consist of story-writing and visual elements. I wanted to create a game which offers a variety of choices for the player to experience, as well as allowing them to reload and re-choose different options. This idea comes in handy when the game goes deeper in future installations. Using character design and story mechanics as my guide, I wanted to find a way  which allowed  the player to choose options with the underlying consequences behind them and realize that with every choice they choose, there is always a reaction behind it.