Dharshna Shankar

Reflective Scenes in Imperial Lane

Bachelor of Design Exhbition and Event Design Narrative

My project explores cinematic concepts via mirrors that are used to display live scenes of movement inside Imperial Lane. I used mirrors as cinematic screens as this surface was an important aspect in the process of my design. I intend to invite audiences to explore this reflective space as they engage with the work of artists and designers in the exhibition rooms.

The brief for my project was to propose a design intervention or event which further develops Fort Lane precinct in Auckland city or the existing buildings around it in relation to a cinematic concept or process. I had to consider what was important to me as a spatial designer which was spaces for artists and designers, specifically galleries or exhibition spaces. I thought about how local artists and designers like myself, need platforms or spaces where they can showcase their work to the public and are able to grow and reach out to more audiences. As a student spatial designer, I felt the need to propose an intervention for people like myself, people in my community, artists, and designers. The main design features in my proposal that respond to this idea are the exhibition rooms I proposed, located inside Imperial Lane which can be found going though Fort Lane. These exhibition rooms were made to house the work of artists and designers. The use of reflection in my project is to showcase a cinematic experience. The reflective surfaces in my proposal act as reflective screens where live scenes of people moving around and visiting the exhibition rooms can be seen.