Katy Hooker

Resort 21

Bachelor of Design Accessory design Ethical Sustainable Womenswear Zero-waste Made to last Slow Sustainability

Instagram @katy__anne

The use of beach pyjamas in Europe during 1920 and 1930, allowed women to surpass the boundaries of what a modern woman could wear at the time.

A design ethos that is mindful of textile waste, this body of work sits within the context of the slow fashion movement. Classic, stylish, well-made garments are designed to be worn to the beach season after season. Advanced pattern cutting techniques meant that offcut fabric waste was given a new life and made into accessories like bags, earrings and headscarves. The shape of the offcuts informed the unique accessory design.

Developing an understanding of the waste produced when cutting out a garment allows the designer to understand that offcuts are not actually waste, they are an opportunity that allows for the possibility to create something new and at the same time divert fabrics from landfill.