Ella Thomas


Bachelor of Design Illustration Interaction Publication Activism Education Narrative Play Social Innovation Speculative Vernacular

Play to Your Privilege

Rigged offers a chance for people to play to their privilege, as they are forced to see the racial disparities present in Aotearoa. My project brings bias, wether unconscious or conscious, to the forefront of conversations and confronts it.

On a mission to design for social good and change, I bought racial disparities in Aotearoa to life through Rigged, a property trading board-game. Rigged offers users a chance to play to their privilege as they play a game that is quite literally rigged as it favours one group of players over the other. My project explored Aotearoa’s colonial history to unpack and collectively learn what impacts that has on today’s society. I wanted to use my own ignorance as a platform for self-critique to do better and help aid the change I wanted to see. I aimed to unpack my very own privilege through my project as it transcends to assist users in recognising their own privilege, confronting them with any biases they may carry.