Jieying Xu

Rotary Panels

Bachelor of Design Exhbition and Event Design Play Public

I observed that people would use Fort Lane to get to Britomart or the restaurants on either side, but few would stop there. I think there may be a lot of traffic going by, so people are rushing across the driveway to avoid safety risks. So I held a flower show next to Queen Arcade. In this installation, people rotated panels by walking through each floor, reflecting light from the dichroic glasses into flowers. People can stand on a higher floor, to see the difference in Fort Lane from day to night through the dichroic glass. People are allowed to spin panels to create different lights and different moments in Fort Lane. These lights can break down the dull, deserted streets and inject new life into them, changing people's perception of Fort Lane.

Fort Lane was named the most dangerous spot for random street violence that leaving an impression of terror, danger and insecurity to Aucklanders. So I want to create a pleasant atmosphere for Fort Lane to change people’s bad impression of it. My project takes Fort Lane as the movie scene and pedestrians as the audience to build a small social space with three layers of different themes - Rotary panels. Using a film technique of natural lighting, let the light shine on dichroic glass, reflecting different colors of light, to affect the mood of pedestrians. The first layer of Rotary panels is the flower market, where flowers are sold with a  cheerful message, and the smell of flowers reduces people’s bad mood and brings happiness to them. The second floor has four rows of panels, and the light reflected by the rotating panels creates a pleasant atmosphere for the space. The third floor is the top floor, where there are some seats, people can sit and rest, or share the flowers they have bought with others. Rotary Panels revitalize Fort Lane by creating unique and pleasant atmospheres for its deserted streets. Thus,  people’s stereotypical impression of Fort Lane is changed, and people’s sense of the spatial experience of Fort Lane is greatly improved.