Alicia Brenk


Bachelor of Design Compositing Mixed Media Unreal Engine Visual Effects Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

A post-apocalyptic short film delving into the themes of isolation and exploration.

This project was created by myself, Danielle McLean & Betty Kennedy

We chose to work together to create a Mixed reality, Sci-fi short film set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been eradicated of all life with the exception of a small regime of robots that have built a safe house. The narrative follows someone who has chosen to live inside this safe-dome with only the company of one of these robots. Despite his current belief that there is no life beyond the dome, one night he sees a flashing light and decides to venture out to find out what it is.

We created this project using mixed reality techniques; aiming to create computer generated hyper realism to evoke themes of isolation. We filmed a live actor in front of a green screen, and created our environments all in CG using Maya and Unreal engine.

Sanctioned is a vfx short-film created by myself, Danielle McLean and Betty Kennedy. The idea behind the film was to explore our shared passion for the post-apocalyptic sci-fi genre as well as the themes of isolation and exploration. We also wanted to utilize the most cutting-edge techniques in the visual effects world such as using real-time game engine technology to create a vast landscape and inserting an actor within this world successfully. Our development pipeline for this project had to shift many times along the way due to this new method of storytelling which led to a very extensive research period for the process of creating this project.

Within the development of this short film I wanted to focus on my own passion for digital compositing. Green-screen keying, rotoscoping and the integration of live-action elements into a digital world were my primary focus. The main challenge of this project was to ensure that all the different elements belonged to the same world and improving my knowledge of compositing techniques such as clean keying and colour correction helped to overcome this challenge.