Dan Wang


Bachelor of Design Interior Design Material Imaginaries Narrative Public Sustainability

The Sense of Submergence

My project explored the history of the site when Fort Lane was an intertidal zone and combined it with the development of my cinematic device. I designed a glimmering walkway and a reflective sanctuary to create the sense of submerging into the ocean.

The light of the glimmering columns at the walkway is changing as time passes by, so if people standstill in the walkway, they will be able to see the light waves moving slowly, which is like the glimmering plankton floating in the ocean. In the center of the sanctuary, there is a square wishing well lit up from above by an oculus exposing the blue sky. The reflection of the blue sky during in day and the cosmos at night create an unlimited space in this room. Instead of throwing a coin into the wishing well, I would like people to write their wishes on a piece of paper, fold it into a boat, and put it into the water. As time passes by, the paper boat will absorb the water and submerge into the pool. Therefore, I brought my personal experience of reforming paper during the material exploration process to this design. There are paper-making workshop blocks on the glimmering walkway for people to recycle the pulps from the wishing well. This reusing process brings significance to the pulps and their new life.