Tanesha Vagha

Saturating the City Community Centre

Bachelor of Design Interior Design Community Material Imaginaries Place Public Social Innovation Surface Manipulation

An invigorating experience that colour our memories of space.

‘Saturating the City’ explores the saturation and desaturation of the historic site of Fort Lane. The project is positioned as an invitation to city travellers, and as an immersive activation of a heritage site, focused on building connections between people and place.

In response to the 'Urban Itinerary' brief which focuses on the cinematic, the work pays homage to the past theatres that once occupied Fort Lane. The work curates a series of saturated views at the past lane through photography, utilizing historic techniques of tinting. The lines of the original foreshore are seen throughout these views and form illuminating paths that guide travellers through the structure. The treated images are contrasted by desaturated windows providing a look at the existing lane below. This historic method of saturating and desaturating film formed the basis of the schemes material palette, and the core concept of developing relationships through the connection of film and history.  Each of these surfaces has articulated surface finishes such as frost, tint and various degrees of opacity.

The interior of the design is populated by spaces that provide opportunities for socializing and participating, such as a café and community hire-space. These zones are aimed at generating a sense of community by producing new memories and reviving dormant ones found within Fort Lane.