Georgia Billman

Second Chances

Bachelor of Design Identity Illustration Packaging Print Design Education Food Play
AD21 Award
Adobe Creative Award
For Creative use of Software

Bonding Through Shared Experiences

Second Chances Share Box is a bonding kit for an owner and their new, previously owned dog, providing them with ways of bonding and strengthening their connection with one another, similar to ways in which humans would with each other, over food and activities.

This is communicated through the addition of humour and playfulness to create a sense of approachability, initiating involvement, and providing a sense of comfort and support during the bonding process. Outcomes produced provide a way of achieving this. These include a pamphlet, food packaging, and activity cards which will be housed as a kit alongside additional collateral of a tote bag and dog bandana.

It starts with the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” (King Frederick of Prussia, 1789), dogs hold an undeniable connection with humans and can be seen as a place of support and comfort. They are non-judgemental and offer a sense of security for those in need, and provide proven psychological benefits. But when it comes to reciprocity, are we there for them?
Dogs are constantly needing a permanent home with many up for adoption across New Zealand. Dogs are put up for adoption for many reasons such as, an owner passing, coming from an abusive household or for pure lack of knowledge on how to care for their dog’s breed. As a result, when these dogs are re-homed, they have a lack of trust in humans and need more work to build new long-lasting relationships, ultimately impacting their opportunity for a second chance. This highlights the need to raise awareness about the importance of a bond shared between an owner and their dog, and how food and play act as a successful bonding mechanism.