Queenie Lim

Serenity Sanctum

Bachelor of Design Architectural Design Interior Design Care Community

Safe hideaway

Serenity Sanctum is a semi-controlled permanent hideaway located on a rooftop of Fort Lane. It is situated in the party district to provide a safe space that hones in the night and early occurrences. Here, the vulnerable are taken care of: they are invited into a soft, zen and dreamlike atmosphere to relieve their anguish and uncertainty, offering them calmness, tranquillity and ease.

Becoming aware of self or environment is based on set consciousness. Possible misconception, when exposed to drugs and alcohol, has the ability for overwhelming encounters. An altered experience is indistinguishable from how films have the power to do so.

Embarking in Serenity Sanctum, a semi-controlled hideaway located on a rooftop of Fort Lane. Situated in the party district, the concrete stucco fluid structure illuminates invitation leading to holding pavilion above. Occupiers transcend in and out of misperception of hazy blues acrylic and polyester screens, bokeh light beams through glass and cohesively staged in an ethereal soft-lit atmosphere inducing the essence of serenity. Inclusion of restrooms and areas of rest, in the forms of bean bags and swinging seats to watch the city framed. To provide a safe space that hones in the night/early occurrences it will be accessible Wednesday to Sunday, 6 pm to 6 am the next day accommodating those in the altered state.

Lighting encompasses a genre, in this film, it is tranquil, calming. Where moments of mollified emotions are anguished. Through the darkness, the swimming of soft light symbolises the blurred boundaries between lucid and altered consciousness, to bring one back to ease.