Olivie Liang

Shadow At Our Back

Bachelor of Design Motion Graphics Moving Image Health and wellbeing

The dark memory from ’us‘


Shadow at our back is a 2-minute stop motion to show the story of a girl who has been sexually abused and tries to redeem herself and become stronger. It hopes to use the story of the main character to raise awareness of the victim's emotional damage to the public. To understand their needs and help them, and to eliminate prejudice.

Project Description

Sexual assault is a word that sounds far away. People mostly read about it in media reports. However, the public is more focused on the story of facts and circumstances of the incident, and even the victim guilt theory that blames the victim did not protect herself. My work uses a lot of illustrations and collages to emphasize the atmosphere of public opinion oppression. Applying the victims' perspective to depict their inner stories and tell their pain and trauma. Arouse the public's attention to the victims' mental health and make more people understand victims' pain and help them more.

This project is a 2-minute stop motion animation to show a person's feelings after experiencing sexual harassment. It is a campaign for raising awareness of the victim's mental health issue. The final goal is to understand the victim's requirement in reality. If it can eliminate the public prejudice a little be, it's the best result. This project connects people with empathy through this work and causes the public to think about how they can reasonably come forward to help these victims. This work will be a way to build empathy between people. Let this work become a bridge to contract a spiritual world between people. In the animation, I drew many unique illustrations and used a lot of collage elements to create the work. Through abstract images to build a dangerous and fascinating

spiritual world, which can emphasize the atmosphere. The story uses the victims' perspective to depict their inner and tell their pain and trauma. But at the end of the story, the hero still reconciles with the monster in his own subconscious through his own efforts. I hope this ending will encourage the victims to learn self-acceptance to go back with their true selves.