Bailey Dixon


Bachelor of Design Editorial Publication Zines Storytelling World views

The broke lifestyle

Skint is a celebration of a broke lifestyle, a publication to help break the negative connotations that come alongside living a life where money is not the most important thing. Skint is designed to feel like that of a 1970s counter-culture magazine; retro fonts referencing the work of Stuart Brand are paired with archival images and my own photography to create a publication that is fun to read and aesthetically pleasing. The three zines take you through opinion-based writing and curated articles related to the idea of 'skint' and are packed with content about cheap living and saving money, all while enjoying your life and living it for nobody but yourself. Skint deliberately uses a more cynical tone in the written content. Modern society is evolving rapidly. When do we ever slow down and take a moment to breathe and soak in the sun?

Skint is a set of three zines, with each taking a cynical look at issues and societal views on financial stability. My project is mostly self-produced, supplemented with a small selection of content curated from a range of articles. My writing pulls from opinions and experiences, creating a space for discussion aimed at like-minded individuals about living a life where happiness is not driven by money.

I took inspiration from counter-culture magazines of the 1960s and 70s such as The Whole Earth Catalog and Rags magazine to form zines that combine typography, photography, and illustration skills I have developed throughout my time at university.

I spent so much time thinking of how to better place myself in a world with so much order; recently, it has become obvious how ridiculous it is that I would live a life according to anybody's values but my own. Skint was inspired by the philosophies of Absurdism, relevant today as COVID crumbles our concrete order leaving a state of confusion and disarray; of course, my student brokenness was also a driving factor bringing Skint to fruition. Enjoy your life as if it is yours and only yours.