Bradley Cain


Bachelor of Design App Experience Design Human Centred Design Interaction Mobile Commerce Play Technology User-centred

TCG Marketplace App

Sleeved is a service that targets TCG (Trading Card Game) players and collectors by standardizing user-centred trading methods for users to buy, sell, trade, and mange personal information. The concept of the app goes further to connect users in a marketplace by incorporating social forums and groups for users to thrive and learn.

One of the pivoting factors sleeved uses is the 'Trade Match' service. A similar concept to dating apps, 'Trade Match' allows users to source cards in secondary marketplaces by using a 'have' and a 'want' list to match and negotiate trade encounters. It's currently more efficient than buying and selling marketplace methods, though all features will be included, trading will remains the core focus of the app.

Tasked with the opportunity to create a project in-line with personal interest, my love for TCG's led to incorporate elements of interaction design into a conceivable service. My project addresses a variety of obstacles through the creation of micro tools and services that accommodate for the needs of players and collectors in popular TCG's (Trading Card Games).

Over the last 14 years, I have been immersed in a variety of different TCG's. In that time, I have learned from the experiences of others and their understanding of TCG ecosystems. These meaningful discoveries inspired me to create Sleeved as a passion project, in the fulfilment of designing a functionally efficient and user-friendly app. My goal for this service was to have the concept readily available for development post graduation, using Notion to articulate research and Figma to create all necessary visual aesthetics.