Te Rina Coffin

Soi-Même Collection

Bachelor of Design Contemporary crafting Embroidery Garment led Hand dying Hand stitching High end fashion Menswear Non-binary Tailoring Womenswear Ancestral history Anti-fashion Craft Culture Indigenous Methodologies Narrative


The Personal Narrative is Being Written, To This Day.

This collection strives to create a personal narrative about where we have come from, from a heritage-based perspective and how we choose to use that to define ourselves in the harsh realities of a modern world.

Focusing on techniques such as slashing, slash hemming, cold dyeing and wadding layering, the work represents a fictional fantasy book. This offers commentary on introspection, individuality contemplation and expresses a desire to connect oneself to the rapidly changing world around us.


After years passed, she returned the land from which she came. Having travelled the world and exploring it to its fullest, at least, for now, she wanted to return to the castle. The ruins stood almost the same as she had left them, however, when she went through her usual entrance a figure dressed in black could be seen crouching over something in the dirt.

She quielty observed from behind a wall as the figure sifted through the dirt collecting papers that had been washed above the surface. The figure seemed to sense her presence and looked up in her direction. She ducked behind the wall.

After many years of travelling and learning other languages and about their cultures she heard a language she knew she had not consciously learned yet she could understand.

“How do you know of this place, child?”
The voice was rusty and almost mechanical, devoid of warmth anf not cautious at all.

She came out from behind the wall ready for anything.
She replied shortly, as she preferred to listen rather than talk, “I came from this place. This is my home.”
The figure, supposedly a man, stood up straight, almost two heads taller than her.
“If you came from this place, you are also owner of this land. All of this is yours,” he said curtly.

“What do you mean?”
“This is the Self and you are the consciousness which resides and is derived from this place.”
Although confused, she knew that the man was not a threat and so returned to one of the higher floors to see her simple room was still in place.

She could see out across the land from her room. If what he said was true there were greater forces at hand shaping her and the world around her and in a way this was terrifying but also comforting. There was someone else out there shaping this world, making it the wondrous and curious place that it was today.