Nikki Roughton


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Animatic Audio Character Animation Environmental Storytelling Moving Image Stylised Video Education Health and wellbeing Narrative

"Solace" is an experimental 3D animated short about the struggles of a man finding a job in the 1800s and finding solace in the words of a tarot reader.

My project examines mental health by exploring the use of polysemous symbolism in tarot as a narrative technique, exposing the protagonist's unconscious thoughts and emotions. Mental health has been especially highlighted in 2021 due to isolation stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic; however, isolation has always carried the stigma of being a defective problem within a person rather than an illness that can be cured.

My animated narrative is based around the use of tarot, which dates back to 15th Century Italy. I use the symbolism in tarot as a way to enhance the storyline. Tarot is still used today as an occult practice to help people look for answers. My research into Jungian theory reveals that the tarot symbolism connects to the collective unconscious. It links into the unease in people's minds and reflects the society they live in. I use tarot to approach the topic of mental health.