Charlie Stringer

Spaces Real Estate

Bachelor of Visual Arts Sculpture Performance Performativity Political Art

Spaces Real Estate Advertisement - June 2021 - 1271x702 PNG
AD21 Award
Auckland Art Gallery Award
For High Achievement

The Real Estate industry feeds off consumerism, with house prices rising the human and fundamental right to housing is threatened by these neoliberal ideologies. Spaces Real Estate as a business model is informed by these ideologies and acts as a portal to conversations about how housing is no longer affordable and liveable to those not within a position of material power. The conceptual gestures and responses, in the form of lens-based imagery, video and a virtual website, explores notions of the political and social ideologies associated with housing. Spaces Real Estate considers pre-programmed behaviors of the corporate world, and uses imagery to manifest and embed ideas to challenge these behaviors.

Spaces Real Estate is an ongoing project based on a responsive business model that seeks to shift the political dynamics of the homeowner through the provocative act of the leasing spaces that aren’t mine. Spaces Real Estate aims to instigate conversations surrounding the housing market through performative scenarios that connect potential buyers/renters to the available spaces. Spaces Real Estate is a site of possibilities within the face of a space designated by ideologies. The conceptual gestures and aesthetics of the artwork act as subtle manifestations of this ideology turned back on itself as political commentary. From its inception as a site for ‘renting’ spaces, Spaces Real Estate has developed significantly. It now functions as a spurious company, following a business model vernacular, through the persona of ‘Office Administrator’ Suzie Parker, who manages the website, responding to inquiries from prospective clients, handling promotional events and scheduling upcoming events on behalf of the company.

Through these gestures, Spaces Real Estate aims to critique the domination of space by landlords motivated by capital gain. As a young woman who has been in rental situations throughout my entire life, I’ve never felt a sense of security or privacy within my own home. Renting buys you a room but one with transparent walls that is always subject to the desires of the landlord. This project is the beginning of what I believe is a very vital conversation about the fundamental right to housing that is under threat from neoliberal ideologies.