Zaffa Gayoom

Stories From Paradise

Bachelor of Design Craft Illustration Photography Publication Education Storytelling
the three posters made with coloured paper
AD21 Award
BJBall Award
For Colour and Texture in Graphic Design

Beyond the Sunny Side

With the book and the three posters, this project shows how the country of Maldives is a combination of deeply rooted tradition and the more recently introduced resort culture. This project helps to pique the interest of the audience and encourage them to look deeper into the fading traditions and history of this country. I have opted to design the posters combining the two sides of Maldives because it is important to show how the more traditional Maldives is just as important to the country as the tourism side of it.

This project is an exploration of Maldivian history and culture through its mythology and folklore. Storytelling has always been a significant part of Maldivian history, making it a suitable focal point of this project. In addition, there are little to no records of Maldivian folklore, as they were passed down verbally through generations. Hence, this project is about bringing back some of the stories that have been lost over the years and preserving the culture for the future.

Moreover, with the introduction of tourism, media, and the internet, the image of the country as a whole has also shifted to suit a more western worldview. Today, Maldives is often branded as being nothing more than a holiday destination. Thus, this project also aims to show the deeply rooted culture and history of the Maldives that is often overlooked by foreigners and many locals alike. It’s a project that helps to educate not only the tourists that are interested in learning about new cultures but also young Maldivians who are growing up in a more “westernized” version of the country and have little understanding of their own history.