Andrew Harrison


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Character Animation Moving Image Performance Realism




Show Reel:

The Journey of a Stray Dog

This short animation was designed with the intention of creating realistic movements for a 3D-animated dog. I chose the style of 3D animation as it is the best way of portraying realistic locomotion to help answer my research question. I did research into the studies and workings of Eadweard Muybridge to give me a deeper understanding of the locomotion of quadrupeds. This research informed my methodology and how that shaped the way I created my work and project. My methodology guided the way I worked and assessed my project by giving an outline on how I should approach my work in a careful manner, in which I don’t create mistakes that take too much time out of my process and timeline.

"Stray" is a 3D animation that explores into the locomotion of a dog through runs, stances, and behaviour. I created my animation in 3D animation as I believe it is the best way to execute my research question: "how can I create believable movement consistent with a degree of stylization of a 3D animated dog to promote audience identification with the character". By using 3D animation, I created the motion from all angles to get the realistic effect that I aimed for within this project. I researched animal locomotion to better understand different movements among quadruped animals. I looked into multiple studies of animal locomotion, animal behaviour, and animations that include 3D-animated dogs.