Paranee (Aei) Yongpongsacharatchai

Sweet Sorrow, Bitter Honey

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Sweet Sorrow, Bitter Honey

‘You write flowery, but I love flowery’.

A romantic at heart, this work introduces the audience to esotericism, romanticism, and exercise as key elements of good health and wellbeing.

Do you ever feel weak, sad, and mad? Do your mixed emotions regularly affect your everyday life? Do you ever think the world is so cruel and want to fly somewhere far away? Whether your answer is yes or no, it is natural and, most of the time, temporary.

The body of work, Sweet Sorrow, Bitter Honey, is intended to introduce the audience to esotericism and romanticism, connecting these themes to mental and physical wellbeing.

Within the garments are messages from loved ones, each with their unique handwriting. This was inspired by the idea of the respectful guru writing talisman cloths for boxers, to provide confidence and good fortune for their matches. Similarly, I wanted to share the love and care from myself and my family with the wearer.

As a citizen of Thailand, the spiritual beliefs of Muay Thai tradition give depth to the work, aspects of Muay Thai and ideas of what it is to practice self-care and kindness merge into one.

My hope is to bestow magic, beauty, and courage to all humankind as well as inspire and hearten people through my designs.