Amy Cherguit

The Architecture of Inequality, Fort Lane’s Parasite

Bachelor of Design Architectural Design Community Diversity Narrative

The Architecture of Inequality: Fort Lane's Parasite

Located within Fort Lane, "The Architecture of Inequality: Fort Lane's Parasite" exposes the community's parasitic economic and social system, communicating through the cinematic lens, of the luxury of money or lack of money can buy you. This multi-story structure measures the heights and lengths needed to climb to reach the atmosphere of peak materialism and consumerism found in our Neo Capital Society. With the geological structure clinging and controlling the division of the community representative, furthermore infecting the host. Increasing the gap between the rich and poor, and their living environments; of a Shared Food Kitchen, Homeless Shelter, Grand Restaurant, Grand Hotel.

The Carpark building fabricates the ignorant attachment and lack of control in this parasitic system, constrained by the expensive scenes of luxury; materials and space. The depiction of materiality within the Lower-Class spaces expresses the bare necessity of the car park buildings current material use. In contrast to the Upper-Class portrayal of luxury and richness, through the mockery of flats; capturing the high society's gullible nature to acknowledge what they are truly sheltered in. Rather focusing on the expensive marble and stone enclosing their rooms.

It also aims to explore the honest and brutal scenes created within the lower areas of the community. Communicating the invisibility and neglect created, from the growing gap of capitalism and self-worth created by those infected by the virus of materialism.

The Parallel stage dictates the question of who is the true parasite of the Fort Lane environment, those who grow attached and feed the virus? Or those who hold the greater power clinging to us for dear life?