Tessa Wishart

The Body In Cloth

Bachelor of Design Craft Ecological imperative Ethical Hand stitching Metal work Post fossil practices Practice led Print Design Printing Re-purposing Sustainable Upcycling Womenswear Zero-waste Climate change Craft Ecology and Sustainability Gender Locality Sustainability
Upcycled Denim Fan Lacing Corset
AD21 Award
Charles Parsons and Eileen Keir Memorial Award
For excellence in sustainable Fashion Design and Top Graduating Fashion Student 

Waste management and Elimination Solutions Through Feminine Craft

A sustainability based, process driven collection of waste management and elimination solutions is applied through zero waste and upcycling design practices. The relationship between clothing and the feminine form is developed through textile application of nude artwork, hardware details, patternmaking innovations and undergarment construction; generating an interstyleable range of garments addressing an audience of female intimates.

Beauty // Confinement // Comfort

Zero Waste design remains as one of the most effective sustainable methods of waste elimination for an artisan designer. PRIMARY garments have been made to be entirely zero waste, without any residual textile offcuts. With intentions for the utmost sustainable practices, I have identified the prototyping element within this zero waste design process to create the greatest waste generation within the zero waste lifecycle. Therefore, SECONDARY undergarments are constructed through upcycling processes from the zero waste primary garment prototypes.

A denim jacket sample becomes a corset; a slip dress sample becomes lingerie, a detachable sleeve sample and skirt sample become a statement lingerie set.

Methods of artisanal handicraft feature as a core element of the collection. Themes and depictions of the  feminine form are expressed in undergarments, fabric textures and textile printwork, as life drawing motifs are expressed with historical printwork methods. Such motifs also feature in metalwork: hand etched and cut to make buckles, labels and straps.