Lola Key

The Creatives Collective Vol 1

Bachelor of Design Publication Storytelling

Exploring practitioner's creative processes through publication design

The Creatives Collective Vol 1 is a book of reflection on the uniqueness of the process of textile designer Nikki Walker.

The opportunity to observe and document any creative practitioner is an incredible experience. The Creatives Collective Vol 1 is the first edition of The Creatives Collective series. This series explores practitioners’ creative journeys through publication design in order for themselves and others to better understand their creative process.

The Creatives Collective Vol 1 is a book of reflection on the unique process of a single practitioner - textile designer Nikki Walker. As creative processes may be a complex area of practice, this project aims to provide some context into the many internal and external factors involved during her making experiences.

Featuring 80 pages, this limited-edition publication offers readers an authentic and rare experience by providing a glimpse into the creative world of the practitioner herself. The book's hardcover and thick pages are designed to engage the intended audience as visual people who are drawn to books; appreciating the importance of witnessing another practitioner's creative process.