Deena Razali

The Garden of Eden

Bachelor of Design 2D animation Animatic Anime Character Animation Compositing Manga Stylised Health and wellbeing Narrative Performance

The Garden of Eden is an emotionally provocative 2D animation that aims to address the emotional distress of an isolated individual and bring enlightenment to the viewer.

A light-hearted romance animation with a twist on clichés, "The Garden of Eden" aims to showcase the difficulties of those who suffer from the common demons of anxiety and loneliness. The story reveals how one can take those weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

For this year’s capstone project, I  created a short 2D animation titled “The Garden of Eden.” The story of the animation revolves around a young man who chooses to isolate himself from society due to the effects of his high-functioning anxiety. He meets a young woman who gives him the courage to change his lifestyle by showing him that his worries are figments of his imagination. Though the beginning is crafted from a cliché, the ending challenges expectations as the woman turns out to also be  part of his imagination. Once the man realises this, the woman disappears. By realising both of those elements are within himself - the imaginary hatred and hidden strength - he comes resolves to change his life for the better.

The purpose of the animation is to bring awareness to the reality of those who suffer from mental indisposition or acute disorders, as well as to address common misconceptions related to mental health. Additionally, the animation may be used as an educational platform to enlighten the viewers on how society may assist those who are affected by delivering the intended message through a visually stunning and emotionally provoking animation.