Nicole Leung

The Historical Memories Awakening Scenes

Bachelor of Design Architectural Design Interior Design Ecology and Sustainability Film Health and wellbeing Performance Public

Meditation interior scenes for Fort Lane

Fort Lane was originally made up of the sea and a Moa forest that existed thousands of years ago. Reading the site as an absent body of water this project invented a series of water chambers and drew on imaginary water scenes from films, while also adding historical imagery of the original seascape and forest.

Auckland has a great number of parks but mostly they are on the side slope of hills, which makes them unable to be regarded as a relaxing place for community workers. Thus, through cinematic language and narrative, those in this proposed space might feel the awakening of history where their meditation consistently encourages them to reflect on their slow actions, then able to feel the charm of double imaginary at play.

Through the process of this design, I have used cinematic devices that help people shift from slow scenes into fast scenes. There are sudden cars on-site and thus fewer people framed in movement, this all impacts on cognitive behavior and makes people feel overwhelmed. My design creates slower scenes of welcoming spaces where movies, resting, meditation, and a water performance stage take place. This aims to give a sense of relaxation so that audiences can encounter the pocket forest and seascape beyond.