Yiran Liu

The Other Side

Bachelor of Design Graphic Novel Illustration Publication Education Narrative Storytelling

The Other Side is a graphic novel that focuses on the negative effects of the frequent use of smartphones by teenagers. Although it is undeniable that the smartphone has brought many positive effects, this does not mean that the adverse parts should be ignored. Addiction, bullying, false information, etc., can easily harm the physical and mental health of young teenagers through smartphones.

The target audience of this book aimed at young teenagers around the age of 13. Through this project, I hope to raise awareness to those who are inadvertently affected by their smartphones and discussions as well as actions that can take place to reduce dependency and future harm

We became dependent on our smartphones and embraced ourselves in the pleasure and convenience they provided, but I was once reminded of the serious consequence if we continue to neglect underlying social problems and how quickly it can damage our physical and mental wellbeing, let alone the youngsters.

From many research and analysis, I was most concerned with subsequent effects such as internet addiction, false prestige, narrow-mindedness, and cyberbullying. These potential threats of frequent use of smartphones were visually portrayed and personified throughout the book. I considered making teenagers interested in this topic in this way. After all, even if there are lots of articles and data, the younger the teenagers, the less likely it is to actively search and read them. The project aimed to help them realize the possible negative effects of over-reliance on smartphones, even being aware of the existence of these problems is also a step to get better.