Georgia Carter

The Quiet Disturbance of the Repetitive

Bachelor of Design Exhbition and Event Design Experience Design Interior Design Community Film Place Public

A refreshing addition to city life

A project aimed at breaking up the repetitiveness of Auckland City through subtle gestures of invitation towards a new perspective hidden within Fort Lane.

The brief of this project excited me from the beginning. Using Fort Lane as a space that is inspired by film and our personal interests, our only real restriction was our imagination. My love for thriller films is what inspired my project, as I began looking at how a space can be viewed from different perspectives and how pieces of information are slowly revealed over time. My project explores the idea of how a space can physically stay the same but, have parts of it that can be hidden or revealed to those who look close enough to find them. I wanted to create a space that hid from those who are comfortable with the repetitive facades of the cityscape but invites those who look for moments and objects that change the way they view the world. The aim of this project was to make the city seem exciting again as it becomes uninteresting once you’ve seen it every day for weeks, months, and years.