Eunseon Seo


Bachelor of Design App Interaction Mobile Prototype Technology

The Rabbit Care Mobile Application : Carrot

Carrot is an app that provides information to users who have or want to learn about how to raise rabbits. Using my background experience of having two rabbits as pets, motivated me to start my journey for this project. Through research, I learned that rabbits are one of the most abandoned animals in the world. This is because the owners have no experience of having a rabbit and they do not know how to assume the responsibility of the rabbit's life. My project is to solve these problems for the target audience by providing information to the users on how to raise rabbits. Furthermore, the app also aims to create a rabbit owners community, allowing users to help one another share information provided by the app.

The main screen, Advice and Tips, allows people to see a large picture of a post. Most of the background colours are comfortable for the eyes to take in through the use of light grey and white. It is also designed to allow users to better recognise the orange brand colour by giving points such as buttons and a burger menu. The bottom navigation bar gives colour contrast to which page the user is currently in, and is designed to place a bottom navigation bar on each page so that it is easy to return to the main pages.

The layout of all pages connected to the Guide book and Help Centre consist of simple layouts focusing on photographs. Because these pages aim to inform the user, they are designed in a layout that allows them to show larger images and slide easily.

The Reminder feature reflects the rabbit owners’ experience, with indications about when to clean their rabbit’s cage, feeding time, and changing of water, including checking the rabbit’s health every day. During my interview sessions, some people responded that they set an alarm so that they would not forget their responsibilities. From this idea, a Bookmark feature was added, so users are able to mark their favourite page or useful information from the app.