Yuxuan Li

The Secret World

Bachelor of Design Accessory design Garment led Upcycling Womenswear Narrative Reflections of self

An Escapism from reality

This body of work is a reflection of my own experience through storytelling.

Girlhood is a transient phase of disorderliness, reckless passion, a sometimes unstable phase that can also be full of possibilities. The possibility of a myriad of stories to evolve and move into unpredictable directions allows the protagonists to take different paths, to grow into diverse characters.

The collection tells the story of a young girl who grows up feeling miserable, stressed, and confused. She escapes into a mystical, halcyon secret world, towards an unknown adventure.

Childlike charms are attached to accessories, made from found objects of glass, broken ceramic bowls, beads from old garments, chains and stones from necklaces. Each charm holds memories whilst adding a sense of playfulness, a time to sparkle.