Henri Kirkham

The Shape of Glass

Bachelor of Design Editorial Photography Print Design Publication Typography Activism Health and wellbeing LGBTQI Queer

An exploration into alternative forms of queer representation and their importance to the community.

The Shape of Glass is a research-based project in response to the need of consistent and accurate forms of representation. Within the queer community, visibility, representation, and connection are amongst, if not the greatest, tools to combat feeling uncomfortable or lost within society. Ongoing forms of representation are essential for queer individuals to feel at ease in a world dominated by heteronormative standards and ideals.

This project discusses the concept of queer disorientation and the ‘erasure of queerness’ phenomenon, which censors the expression of creators worldwide. The Shape of Glass is a resource created for the community that emphasises the importance of representation and encourages members of the queer community to create if they have means to do so. Taking my own advice, I have re-imagined what traditional queer symbolism might look like stripped of all colour and manipulated it through the metaphorical medium of glass. Along with the publication, I designed a series of eight alternative Pride flags. The range of flags, which also act as a wrap for the book, allow anyone purchasing the publication to choose whichever flag they feel most represented by or drawn to.