Alyssa Tai

The Sharing Of My Chinese Heritage

Bachelor of Design Identity Illustration Packaging Diversity Food Place


Tehsio is a Chinese Luxury Tea Brand that provides New Zealanders a new and unique experience of Chinese tea culture and its history.

Tehsio is a Chinese luxury tea brand that intends to share and educate the New Zealand audience more about the world of Chinese culture through giving a hands-on experience of drinking Chinese herbal teas. The action of sharing is planned to help bring further depth into Chinese tea culture and its history that people might not realise when purchasing Chinese-originated teas from Westernised brands.

Tehsio is made for tea lovers who enjoy trying new things and are curious to go in-depth about a culture that they are uncertain about. This brand produces tea gift boxes that can give the experience of Chinese culture through its design and learning experience of drinking/brewing high-quality Chinese tea with your friends and family. The contents inside this particular gift box are focused on Chrysanthemum tea, where illustrations and information will be based on Tongxiang City, in China, the origin of this herbal tea.

This luxurious gift box contains collaterals, such as chrysanthemum tea, an information brochure, an instructional brewing card, and a traditional Chinese teapot set to help achieve an authentic and modern Chinese tea drinking experience for the consumers. Although the tea market is already booming, I wanted to produce a product that is different, unique, and educational compared to other brands.