Yeon Bin Kim

The Snowman

Bachelor of Design 3D animation Character Animation Compositing Procedural Generation Rotoscoping Video Visual Effects Narrative Realism

AD21 Award
Digital Design and Staples VR / Loan Central Award
For outstanding achievement in Visual Effects  and best short live action film by a graduating Art and Design student

A foreigner girl and a snowman in summer

A short film about a foreigner girl who lost her identity and a snowman in summer. She finds herself and gets encouraged by a kid who builds a sand snowman on Christmas. The snowman is described as a metaphor of herself and her depression. Through the project, I explored a realistic procedural snow texture that can be well integrated into real life footage.

The snowman is a narrative VFX short film exploring characters' emotion using snow CGI. It depicts a lonesome foreigner who suffers serious depression and starts losing her identity as she is unable to adapt to a new environment and isolate herself from the world. I use a realistic CG snowman character as a metaphor to describe the protagonist’s lonely situation.

The snowman can't speak. Therefore, I am restricted to using only visual methods to express characters’ emotions in films, such as, cinematography, colour, lighting, composition, and editing. Using these elements, this film explores how to emphasise my character’s feeling through my project.