Milla Paterson

The Space Between Us

Bachelor of Design Photography

An emotional photographic insight into lockdown

The Space Between Us is a series of photographs that flow as a story accompanied by poetic titles. Together they create an emotional retelling of life in lockdown, before/during/and after being reunited. The concept is to show the connection between a fictional couple and how hard it can be to be separated during the COVID lockdown. Then you can see the emotions behind what it feels like to finally be together again. For some people being reunited is still only a dream and not reality which is why the images have a dreamy effect.

The Space Between Us is a photographic series depicting the emotional journey that some may have experienced during the lockdown. The photographs follow the story of a fictional couple experiencing the procedures imposed during the latest  isolation period (between August 2021 — current) in Aotearoa New Zealand. Because the series was created during the teaching interruptions in the semester, The Space Between Us intends to connect with others through the emotions, hardships, and expressions I felt during this time. I expected each person to have a slightly different takeaway from the photographs based on their own accounts, but I hope others can feel they are not alone through these hard times. Black and white is a simplistic approach to bringing historic weight and a melancholic feel to the photographs. This aims to express how it feels to be detached from the norm during this time.