Dene Gericke

The Trickster God: Ever Involved

Bachelor of Design Editorial Print Design Publication Typography Craft Narrative Storytelling

An unconventionally designed publication that typographically explores the traditional Nordic Tales which feature the Norse God Loki.

The Trickster God: Ever Involved is a publication that explores how typography can explore and reflect the identity of a character. The book contains a collection of Nordic Tales that involve the god Loki, who is known for his trickery. Throughout the book, the text is designed with chaotic and unpredictable form to reflect Loki's erratic personality. The text is an explorative layout immersing the reader in the journey through the Nordic Tales to fully appreciate and understand the character of Loki.

The mischievous design approach of the internal typography, first signalled with the deboss of the title, is also explored in the physicality of the book's form, to create a complex reading experience. The exposed string binding, represents how Loki too was once bound and exposed to harsh punishments. The pages are unexpectedly different sizes—some are bigger than the parameters of the book itself, symbolic of how bold and uncontainable Loki was.

It was engaging with Loki's tricky and mischievous methods that made creating The Trickster God: Ever Involved so interesting, and consequently allowed for playful and creative typographic design.