Lauren Hornigold

The Veggie Crowd

Bachelor of Design Illustration Photography Print Design Publication Typography Food Health and wellbeing


This project is dedicated to vegetarians and vegans alike and their determination to do right by the environment. The Veggie Crowd is a publication that supports like-minded individuals through their personal journey exploring plant-based diets and the cultivation of healthy, sustainable food.

Vegetarianism and veganism have been around for many years, they are by no means a new idea or a novelty. Yet in western cultures they are still sometimes frowned upon or even laughed at. Plant-based diets have so many benefits towards the environment and our heath. It has the potential to mend and deepen our relationship with nature as well as make us happier and healthier humans. Unfortunately, many vegetarians and vegans return to eating meat because of societal pressures. The aim of my project is to identify the core reasons why vegetarians and vegans return to eating meat and explore ways that we can create a support system for individuals who are seeking better lifestyles for themselves through plant-based diets. Within this concept, my project also considered and explored botanical and organic design through its history, methodologies, techniques and its presence throughout other creative disciplines. This graphic design approach contributes to my project's concept through the idea that nature and humans can live harmoniously.