Andrea Mendoza

Through the Years

Bachelor of Design Print Design Publication Collaborative Narrative Place Storytelling

The Journey of Migration Through the Eyes of Filipino Youth

My project explored the idea of migration, centring around Filipino youth and their experience. This is the journey of migration from the Philippines to New Zealand.

This project explores the idea of migration, centering around Filipino youth, in specific theis journey and experiences of migration from the Philippines to New Zealand. Through the Years is a publication that focuses on three personal stories. Divided into three parts, each section features Filipino individual stories in sharing their journey. We follow along with each narrative in understanding their childhood and upbringing, which unfolds their thoughts around the topics of home, culture, and identity. Each story told is from the past and the present, revealing significant events that occurred in their lives.

I considered creating a publication to showcase each story collected, of the different experiences of each participant’s journey. By creating a publication that focuses on Filipino experiences, others in the community will be able to relate to the stories, connecting themselves in understanding how they feel.

Paired up with each story, the creation of pictogram-styled graphics represents the narrative visually, showcasing minimal illustrations with primary colours. Alongside the publication, a poster series is included that connects to each person’s story.