Aleks Fletcher

Till Death Do Us Part

Bachelor of Design Experience Design Human Centred Design Community Critical speculations Ecology Health and wellbeing Place Public

A Traversal Arcade Reflecting on Life and Death

We grieve for the wilted flowers and the fallen leaves, as we fear our transitory nature reflected in them. Within TILL DEATH DO US PART there is a celebration of our transient lives working to reveal the poetics of death in which life blooms.

The journey through a crack in Auckland‘s Fort Lane, revealing a floral arcade.

The journey to enter and exit the laneway is significant as it reflects how we come and go from our temporal lives. The circular component is a metaphor for the setting sun which will continuously rise again. ‘Walking towards the light’ is a visual representation of our path to inevitable death.

'Memento Mori' is a common Latin phrase said by ancient Romans meaning ‘remember you will die'. It is a simple yet powerful reminder and is engraved in the center of it all. Though daunting to some, this is an inspiring reminder of our limited time but unlimited possibilities.

Within the arcade, a moon garden grows, which consisted of fragrant night-blooming flowers. They catch and reflect the lunar light through the cracks between the vines, in a cinematic dance of temporal transitions from dusk till dawn.

The purpose of my graduate project was to activate an experience to provoke a sense of peace surrounding the topic of life cycles, to inspire and bring hope to those who stumble through.