Daria Zapryagaeva

Time Glare

Bachelor of Design Architectural Design Exhibition Design Community Place Public

The project was to design a space in Fort Lane in Auckland’s central business district, using cinematic qualities. To do this, I used my own cinematic device: a camera attached to the frame of my motorbike. I considered historic elements of Fort Lane in the design as I wanted to communicate overlooked aspects of the site's history and highlight the significant value this history has to local ancestors and our current generation. I wanted to communicate appreciation for the past and the present, as well as the atmospheric qualities of Fort Lane before it became a busy city area covered in shadows, in order to bring back natural, relaxing, warm and welcoming aspects of the space.

Located between the buildings of Fort Lane in Auckland’s CBD, this installation attracts people’s attention from all sides of the street. From a distance it appears light and elegant despite the weightiness of its metal construction. The shadows cast from the filigree detailing are homage to the past. The nature of this installation is to serve as a monument, allowing people to experience and celebrate the change of time, and to consider Fort Lane’s historic state. The project offers another perspective in a busy urban environment, encouraging people to slow down and look through the amber coloured lens, to experience the change in time from past to present. The project is designed to age and change throughout a period of 48 years, improving societal habits in regards not taking time for granted.