James Wilburn

Titan Arena

Bachelor of Design Action Game Game Design Indie Game Multiplayer Retro Roleplaying Game (RPG) Stylised Unreal Engine Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
AD21 Award
RocketWerkz Game Design Award
For outstanding achievement in Game Design

Titan Arena

Titan Arena is a multiplayer area based third person shooter where players enter the arena in the pursuit of glory. Through aesthetic and class customisation; players are able to make their characters their own, creating more opportunity for replayability and fun. Utilising Steam Multiplayer, up to 8 players assisted by AI may go head to head with the ultimate objective being to destroy the opposition teams altar and be declared the winner!

From the beginning of this project I wanted to delve into the rabbit hole that is multiplayer and replayable elements. I aimed to push the boundaries of what I believe could be done and show that effective organisation could lead to a larger scaled product being finished. Built on the Unreal Engine; Titan Arena uses a combination of character aesthetic/class options, completely original built in-house 3D models, Steam Server integration and Artificial Intelligence to create an easy-to-understand experience for the user that can be played time and time again.

Titan Arena is the result of three months of meticulous research, design and development by myself and the end result is a highly working prototype that can be tweaked, refined and moulded into a fully polished release at a later date.