Lucas Clark

Town Quest

Bachelor of Design 2D animation Game Design Gameplay Scripting Indie Game Platformer Unity Engine

Metroidvania, Dungeon Diver

In a fantasy world, a new party of adventurers delves into a famous dungeon with the purpose of discovering the long-asked question… who created this dungeon? And what’s at the end? As the party progresses through the dungeon the members in the party are subject to change as heroes die and new heroes are picked up along the way the way the party progresses through the dungeon changes depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the party members. The dungeon secrets are revealed as the party progresses through the dungeon and making their lives easier and more dangerous.

My project 'Town Quest' is a 2D Metroidvania where you scout new areas, fight monsters and gain new companions along the way. TownQuest was created in order to research 2d dungeon-divers and improve my game-making ability along the way. through the development process, I was able to explore how Metroidvanias, roguelikes, and all the best dungeon-divers are designed and developed.

I have always been consistently drawn to media with strong worldbuilding, narrative, as well as an action/adventure theme. 2d games that utilize these themes are games like Undertale (Toby Fox, 2015) and Hollow Knight (Team Cherry, 2017). I wanted to focus on the world in hopes of creating a story for others to enjoy and explore thoroughly while being able to fight bosses and meet quirky characters. So the goal of this project became to create a game that had an interesting narrative and exciting combat gameplay.

All sprite assets were bought from: