Sonia Zhang

Travel through the journey of NZ 2020 COVID-19

Bachelor of Design Craft Interaction Packaging Collaborative Education Prototype

Board game about New Zealand COVID-19 in 2020

This game brings people back to when COVID-19 just arrived in New Zealand 2020. Through playing the game, players are able to experience key events that happened during 2020 that are related to COVID-19. The game will follow the timeline of the ‘Fate Card’ that goes in chronological order. Once all of the cards have gone through, the game will come to its end, and the player in the lead will be the winner.

My project emerged gameplay with the learning, by integrating the history of when COVID-19 first arrived in New Zealand in 2020 with the board game.

This board game belongs to the future educational market and works as a teaching tool for teachers to help students to be more engaged in the process of learning history, as well as people that are interested in the topic of COVID-19 in New Zealand. The main idea driving my design is to design a topic that is relevant to as many people as possible and make it fun. This brings me to COVID-19 where it almost influenced everyone. One of the main design features that made this game interesting is the COVID-19 test station box, where players can receive their COVID-19 result by shaking it. When designing a board game, a process I found very helpful is to analyse similar games and look for the elements that made them fun. My design shares its significance in the educational field that helps the learning process more fun and engaging, and helps people to understand how COVID-19 hit New Zealand in 2020 and how it was like living through the pandemic.