Corto Champroux

True North

Bachelor of Design Graphic Novel Identity Illustration Print Design Publication Ecology and Sustainability Indigenous Methodologies Narrative Storytelling Te Ao Maori

We all find our own way

“True North, Volume 1” is the start of my personal pursuit, working towards my dream of creating my own graphic novels.
This was my first attempt at visual storytelling in a comic format.

My project’s aim was to create a modern, graphic novel adaptation of the iconic story,  Jonathan Livingstone-Seagull by Richard Bach.

In my adapted narrative, autoethnographic perspectives were used to draw new characters, locations, and the story with slight changes to refresh the plot while keeping similar themes.

This adaptation allows a new generation of young adults to be exposed to the story of a sea bird seized by the passion of flight.
My project’s aim was also to visualise the vastness of the world we live in and exploring off the beaten path. This version has a different bird species as the central characters. Using a migratory bird from the pacific ocean, this story follows Tītī, a Sooty Shearwater (or New Zealand Muttonbird) as he grows and prepares for the migration journey.
On this path, the bird chases what it means to be independent and following your dreams and desires, despite diverging from the norms of the flock.

This artistic practice-led research approaches to discover older and overshadowed cultures and peoples across the pacific through their cultural carvings and ships as the character prepares for its travels and shows insights into the distances crossed and the willpower of these small oceanic migratory birds.
It contributes to understanding how illustrations and graphic novel narratives can be employed to understand and express issues about belonging and a sense of identity.