Isabel Clack


Bachelor of Design Typography

A type-based tarot deck for the neophyte.

Typomancy is a tarot deck made entirely from creative type to easily communicate ideas and provide an accessible guide for beginners who want to dabble into the fascinating world of tarot cards.

This project is a tarot deck that exists solely to activate your intuition based on words instead of imagery. To accomplish this, I utilised a wide variety of typefaces exploding with personality to help communicate the meaning of each card.

Learning tarot can be daunting for beginners. Understanding the symbolism behind the cards and recognising the archetypes can be a difficult task.

By using words, plain and simple, the reader can actually “read” a card and learn at the same time, instead of flipping back and forth between the card and a guidebook.

While designing this, I drew a card to decide which card I would work on next. This process allowed chance and the hand of the universe to guide me instead of following a standard order. Throughout the design process, I relied on my intuition and hopefully this will help others to utilise their own.